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I recently loaded my data to YourTrees and have found it very useful in showing up mistakes/anomalies in my original. It offers reporting on some fields which are hard to get to on my dektop program. I thought I would let you know that it has already helped



Many thanks for the very interesting talks and all the help and information available.

US customer

My Berkshire Burials CD arrived in the US within a week to my surprise. Already it has been a big help to me; particularly in finding date of decease, and confirming locations and relationships. It is a great piece of work. Thank you. I thought you would like to know how much help you have been to an American cousin!

David Ludbrook


Thanks to all those who've produced the most up-to-date, advanced, capable and easy-to-use website I'm aware of and that includes big names, and I do access many different sites!



Thank you to all involved for such an interesting talk today. It seems a real privilege we can access such talks at this time  - and again thank you to the technology that allows it and to you and all your team for enabling the talks to take place.



Just to say thank you so much for all you have put online for members this past 18 months, it's been great! Thanks also for the access to subscription sites which I have made use of and found useful.

Laura Clay

Thank you for your page on Enborne. Having ancestors there from the late 1600s I found it an interesting read. Thanks also to those who have provided transcripts to Ancestry.co.uk. They've been a really big help in my research.


Shop customer

I'm a manager of Design & Marketing so websites are part of my job.  I absolutely love the new site. Simple. Clean. Professional. Easy to navigate and use. Well done!!!