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Become part of the largest Berkshire-focused Family History Community
Extensive website with exclusive Research Wizard and an online shop packed with books, maps, CDs and more to boost your research
Free or reduced-price admission to society online talks, specialist workshops and courses, natter group and DNA special interest group
Heritage Research Centre – giving all members free access to Findmypast Worldwide and The Genealogist
Local Branch meetings – giving members across the World access to experts in local, social and family history
Member discounts on society products
Member discounts on Findmypast membership
YourTrees - upload your family tree, collaborate with other members, and create a digital legacy to preserve and pass on your research
Quarterly journal Berkshire Family Historian packed with news, reviews and features
Exclusive member-only website content
Forum – enabling you to share research problems with like-minded family historians across the world
Free online help and advice about Berkshire-specific family research
Active and popular Facebook site – run by experienced society volunteers
Email newsletter - to bring you the latest news, events and research ideas, direct to your inbox
Projects – your chance to join with others in society project work – wherever you live in the world. It’s your chance to give something back to family history – for researchers of today and tomorrow

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